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Marilé Piccirilli
Licensed Massage Therapist

My practice helps clients struggling with musculoskeletal pain through a safe and gentle approach that is also deep and effective at producing lasting results to decrease or eliminate pain and restore range of motion.


The goal is to promote independence and self awareness.  If desired, I can instruct you on stretching, self massage, and yoga postures that are useful for strengthening muscle groups.

My continuing education includes: Touching Trauma, Trauma-Informed, Myofascial Release, Pre-natal and Postpartum.

Move good, feel good, think good is my mantra.  The more comfortable we feel in our own skin, the healthier our relationships can be with ourselves and others. 

I can’t express how amazing it is to get a massage from Marile.


I’ve gotten plenty of massages in my life from many different people, but ever since I started with Marile a few years ago it almost seems pointless to get a massage with anyone else. My wife and I have both been getting massages from Marile regularly for a few years now and I highly highly recommend her to anyone looking for an incredible massage experience.


And it really is an experience. She puts her all into every massage and is present and focused for every minute of it. She is extremely in tune with the body and always knows exactly what to do. I cannot recommend her enough, she is simply the best and I feel very lucky to have her as my masseuse. 

- Samir

My husband and I have been seeing Marile for a couple of years now. Marile is such a gifted massage therapist who is quite intuitive at reading your body and your energy, which is what makes her bodywork so unique and so healing.


I have received Thai-style massages on a floor mat as well as table massages from her and enjoy both styles very much depending on which areas of my body need more attention. I can feel my body continue to unwind even a day or two after Marile's massage.


She is a wonderful, friendly person who listens to your needs and intuitively goes beyond. I would highly recommend working with her.

 - Neelam

Marile is a wonderful massage therapist who really works to understand her clients’ needs and natures.


The physical side of her treatment is excellent and I always feel more flexible and comfortable because of the consistency of her techniques. Marile definitely works on the spiritual and emotional needs also though, with everything from breathing work to the sounds in the background easing you into a calm and balanced state.


Marile’s approach is ideal for me because of my martial arts, which are physically and mentally demanding. I’d recommend her to anyone who wants high quality and consistent massage however, as her dedication, patient nature and clear love of her work would enormously benefit many people.

- Tim

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