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Thai-Yoga Massage

Asian Bodywork
This hybrid bodywork style improves range of motion (ROM), the healthy restoration of fluids to revitalize tissues, elevates energy levels and stimulates the body's homeostasis.
Thai-Yoga massage can include gentle massage or deep compression, stretching and rotation of joints, muscular mobilization and reflexology, all focusing on the energy flow of the body's meridians. 

Each session is oriented to satisfy the needs and objectives of each individual; no session is identical to another, like those who receive it.
Thai-Yoga massage can be received on a traditional futon mat, or can be adapted to a massage table.  Those who receive should dress in loose, comfortable clothing.

about the method

Shiatsu and Thai Massage are designed to free energy blocks by increasing the flow of nutrients to distinct organs to promote
the proper functioning of the circulatory, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, immune and nervous systems.

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Therapeutic Massage

Massage Blend

This blended massage style incorporates Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques, combined with gentle stretching.


Massage oils and creams are used to assist in the manipulation of soft tissues.  Blending multiple techniques enables us to freely combine rhythm, depth and intention.

Would you like a more rhythmic experience? Do you prefer deep muscle work, or a more superficial treatment of soft tissues? 


I invite you to let your body speak through the quality of its tissues to determine the most beneficial treatment.


This therapy is provided on a massage table with sheets and draping techniques to ensure comfort and privacy while disrobed.  Since oils and skin creams are used, it is advised to wear little, or loose clothing.

about the method

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In this blended therapeutic massage style, we experiment
in Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques, combined
with gentle stretching



Reduces stress, tension, anxiety, depression, and facilitates rest

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Promotes healing from injuries, sickness and body aches

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Stimulates circulation

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Eliminates toxins and strengthens the immune system

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Provides relief from arthritis, headaches, digestive disorders and menstrual issues 

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